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i came up with a lot of captions for this like “i cant believe the 8th grade promotion dance and junior prom are on the same night” and “harry refuses to smile because braces” but i give up

i was gonna draw ben and owen too but on one hand its getting late and on the other my art is shitty enough as it is

i just really like the gamma kids and your art in general im sorry goodbye/////

Aww man thank you so much, you are too kind! UvU

I saw your gamma kids and just

Hehe, aww ;u;

Gamma kids is still dear to my heart.

(drag dem pictures to avoid da blurry.)

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I do appreciate your efforts, but there is no “Gamma” phase in game developing (which is where the alpha and beta things come from)! >. Beta -> Release. So, technically, these would be the Release kids D:

Haha yeah, I know, but to be honest, I never really treated this AU like the contiunation of the game. They just ended up as gamma kids, because of the greek alphabet. Nothing else. And if we do treat it like gaming way - it could be a direct word joke. Somekindof pun, wich makes me sound and look like I’m actually a clever artist or something like that.

Remember this stupid thing on my blog called gamma kids

Anonymous asked: Wouldn't the Gamma kids inherit any of the parents' powers anyway? For example Dave could flash-step because his ectodad, Dirk was able to do it.

Yeah the kids obviously inherited some of these powers as well. But even though Dirk and Dave were ectorelated, they didn’t ascend to the same god tiers, you know what I mean? All the kids had different roles, even though some of their powers and interest were similar.

Anonymous asked: I've had this idea that your gamma kid's godtiers would be the remaining classes and aspects that none of the alpha or beta kids have had like rage, doom, blood, and mind. like casey could be the thief of rage, harry could be the sylph of mind, ben the mage of blood and owen the bard of doom. yeah.... and i've also had theories of their strife specibus too...

Ah yes, someone suggested me that already! I always like to listen gamma kids headcanons. It’s nice to see you are having fun with it as much as I do UvU Anyway, I’ll definetly keep in mind the suggestions, thank you!

Anonymous asked: Hi there i just want to say i LOVE your art and everything about you! But my question is what would ALL your gamma kids' godtiers be?

Thank you so much, anon! U3U

And yes, that is a question bugging my mind as well for a while, I just didn’t figured out yet. I don’t want to just copy their parents godtiers, I kind of want to put behind meaning of it, - something wich represents them as much as it did with the canon kids.

(For bigger sizes, drop em - on your tab - like it’s hot)

Long ago, someone send me a suggestion to my nsfw blog wich included gamma kids hearing their parents “smacking the beep beeps” and I already mentioned special wrestling, so yeah…Actually, this was already lying on my table for some time, so I just thought I clean this up. Next time I’ll be more productive, I swear.

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Anonymous asked: How about comic of John giving rose their future Gamma kids?