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Spacy Dandy commission for Carrie! :) Thanks for the opportunity, hon!


HTTYD 2 is an entire new level of constant goosebumps, go and watch it, if ya haven’t done yet - Also, my babbus as dragon riders, because of the possiblity of I frickin can.

Have some oc rebob.

Famuri at the beach.


So I re-opened for commissions! To avoid that huge-ass delay like last time, I decreased my opened slots, - sorry for that, though! It’s all for your good (and mine too, really!)


  • What I will draw:

- Max. 2 characters!!!

- OCs/FanOCs/Characters

  • What I won’t draw:

- Pornographic content

- Basically that. (But if you are unsure about your commission idea, just drop me an ask!)

  • Slot and payment instructions:

- Send me an email to, including your chosened style and character(s), - also some references, if needed. (OCs and fanOCs) Also give some fancy title to your email, related with the subject, so I’ll know, it’s about commission (not just some spam or something similar)!

- You can specify a situation for the characters, although, please do not make it too complicated!

- Payment must be sent via paypal ( beforehand. When sending, please select the option below:

If you have any questions left, feel free to ask! And as always, thank you for your time! :)


So a few days ago, on my other blog, I took a few prompts of this draw suggestion post, that has been going around lately. Thought, I’ll go and wrap ‘em together here, since they count as fanarts after all. (There will be another part probably, since it was fun, and I intend to complete what were remained in my inbox)

Just a thingie, made god knows when, god knows why.


Downtownimal Crossing

idk just some sideblog rebob





Last minute designs I’ve made for the SU shirt contest.

Sideblog rebob.

Friendly reminder, that you can rate my designs now here and here.

Thanks a lot in advance! :)

Rebob because yeah it’s voting time!

1 day left to rate, guys! *yoinks eyebrows*

Comiccon was fun and I drew a Tenth Doc for a friend.

No real context here whatsoever, just some unfinished stuff.