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A JohnRose commission for Travis. :)

Don’t look at me I’m tired.

A wip. I’m trying to put together something for the welovefine shirt contest.

Based on important headcanons. Also, I think he is a redhead, or if not so, then he must have freckles. Freckles are very important. Anyone who tell you they aren’t, it’s a lie.

Just a quickie before I head off to bed

Being poor or a girl is quite the disadvantage if you want to become a knight - but if you dream together, it seems easier to reach the goal.

Wow can u just throw me in the trash already I’m making child Shovel/Shield Knight headcanons instead of sleeping.


first of all how dare you


I’ve been randomly adding pieces to this, until it became one. I would love to make more GG animated tibits in the future, it is a lot of fun indeed.

Sideblog rebob

So I decided to make a print from this! One downside though, is that I was a stupid prick and forgot to work in a bigger size, so only Mini Prints and Phone Cases are avaliable! With this link, you can active free shipping at my Society6! Thanks for looking around!

Hah, don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming. I finally found out how to imitate aquarelle painting in SAI, so here is a crappy first try. As for your question, no, I don’t know how helmets can blush. Video game physics, I guess.