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Long story short, the last two months I had more outgivings than incomings, and that caused some financial inbalance in my piggybank. Wich is kind of sucks, because I need to put down a language exam, and that is not for free. (Also paying my rent, buying some food - so you know - things you need to do to survive in the jungle.)

Here are the details:

- Max. 3 characters! 

- I’m ok to draw any character from any fandom (your OC counts too) as long as you keep it in sfw (safe for work)!

- I accept money through PayPal (vinczenora@aol.com), and I will start the sketch only after the money arrived.

- I’m going to upload the commissions on tumblr, unless you don’t want to. (I eventually send you the 300 dpi version (.png) to your email (the respective size is the digital size of an A/5 paper)

I think that’s all basically. If you have more questions, feel free to ask me! You can also email me (vinczenora@aol.com) if you prefer this way more than tumblr’s occasionally wacky message system. (I do prefer that way better too because of easier organization)

Thanks a lot in advance! UvU

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